EnigmaLink for private sharing
email, text (sms), tweet and more

Select a document and send its link directly, protected with end-to-end encryption.

Documents are encrypted and stored in your own Google Drive and neither Enigma Bridge nor any prying eyes can see them without links, which are created here and shared by you.

Need a QR reader? View suggestions.
We recommend following QR readers:
For iOS we recommend Scanbot.
For Android we recommend Barcode Scanner.
For Windows we recommend QR Code Reader.

The file will be stored in your Google account

Step 1: Select document to link

Step 2: Click "Upload"

Step 3: Scan, email, tweet

It will be encrypted and stored with the file.
It is an optional security feature. If used, it is required for decryption and the addressee must know it.
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This is a public beta version. If you experience problems, please let us know at @EnigmaBridge