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You have been sent an encrypted document with EnigmaLink, a service provided by Enigma Bridge.

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EnigmaLink keeps documents private to holders of the link (and the password), hidden from prying eyes, networks or WiFi connections (public or private). See how it works at Learn about EnigmaLink.

This is a public beta version. If you experience problems, please let us know at @EnigmaBridge

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EnigmaLink - link documents instantly

After upload, I get a link I can send to my friends. It is the only thing my friend needs to download the file. No logging in anywhere, no client applications. Everything with one button press.

Also, enigmalink.io shows a QR code after upload so I can also very easily transfer files between my mobile devices or from my desktop to a smartphone.

EnigmaLink links identify the file and also contain one of encryption keys for the file. If I want more security, I can set an optional password protection.

The best thing is Enigmalink.io does not collect any data about uploads and downloads. Period. The design does not allow it - something about "#" in links.

EnigmaLink - security

Documents are encrypted with a state-of-the-art AES hardware encryption and stored in your own Google Drive account.

Neither Enigma Bridge nor any prying eyes can see your documents without the links (or QR codes) that are generated by your own browser.

Each document is protected with at least two digital locks:

  • Strong yellow key - (AES-256) that is part of the link you received.
  • Strong blue key - (AES-256) encrypted by the Enigma Bridge cloud HSM-based service. Enigma Bridge is a service using secure processors with high physical security. It means that no keys can be extracted.
  • Password (optional) - your optional password. It can only be verified by the EnigmaBridge service to prevent password attacks.
Sender used a secret password, you need it to download the file.